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The beautiful bar located in Newcastle Central Station has one of the most Bizarre histories.

It was built in 1893 as a sumptuous waiting lounge for first class passengers , a major feature being its exquisite tiling which is today worth an astonishing £3.8 million. The lounge and its bar closed in 1960’s, when the British Transport Police started using it a cells. British Rail, which then owned it, cared very little for the buildings Grade 1 listed status, taken sledge hammers to some of the walls putting in external piping and painting the tiles a lurid red- a bit like The Louvre slapping a fresh coat of paint over The Monet Lisa.

In 2000 Keeping Inn Ltd acquired the building and lovingly and painstakingly restored The Centurion to its former glory. Since opening the grandeur of The John Dobson designed interior has been enjoyed by thousands of customers, both visitors locals and regulars to Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The Centurion has also been fetured in many television programmes from all corners of the globe including:
A History of Tyneside hosted by our own Geordies Ant & Dec.
Great train journeys of the world, by a Japanese production company