The Centurion the best place to meet and greet, the only place to be when it comes to Newcastle!

The Centurion was originally designed as a first class waiting lounge for the highest in society and as such has remained the best place to be for a lot of different reasons!

Ok so let’s start with the fact that you cannot be in a better place than the Centurion when it comes to history and beauty when in the grand hall you look up and its breath taking , the artistry that went into making this room was remarkable , the time and craftsmanship unmatched in this day and age.


Designed as the best first class lounge in the world, now the best bar in Newcastle what a hundred years can do! Now for the updated version we are the now the best place to watch anything when it comes to sport we have the biggest screen in Newcastle! Plus an additional 10 screens so you cannot miss anything even if your trying sorry! We are listed in the top 4 for the places to watch the game because we have an ingrained support of the Toon even though we have a multi culture background probably why we are just listed in the top 4 rather than number one! (Which we are!) There is such a thing as passionate about football on the whole which every Toon fan understands.

But it’s not just the atmosphere and sporting events that keep people coming back , we pride ourselves on the quality and range of beers and ciders on draft plus our extensive spirit range not just a run of the mill selection that you would get in a average bar, we provide frozen glasses for that extra mile.  We also offer 6 real ales that we try to support our local breweries with on at least half of our selection all week every week, then there is our very own bespoke made ale called the Grand Centurion on all the time.

Let’s not forget you can dine here, we offer an eclectic mix of food from our Thai curry (From scrap a real Thai Chef no timed food!) to our traditional fish and chips (only fresh fish is used)! We have a standard selection of options then the seasonal ones on top to keep up with where everyone is in the year! Otherwise there is also the fantastic Deli where you can order from and then seat in the grand hall if that is what you would prefer.


You arrive in Newcastle come here and we will show you the way! Whatever it is that you’re after be it the best football or a night on the Toon! We offer information for the friendly people free of charge of course or the Secret Bar for those special occasions Stag, Hen or the more sensible options networking, client presentations and the normal life things like a Birthday, Engagement.

You have read this far!!?? Then just get yourself in here we are the friendliest bar in town more like your local than a town bar! Look forward to seeing you here!

There are no strangers here

Only friends you haven't yet met.